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OTP Secured Delivery: How it benefits your customers

This is how Amazon Shipping India ensures secured delivery with OTP verification.
How often do you have to deal with your customers receiving wrong deliveries, missing items or switcheroos? The transparency of your logistics can strengthen the reputation and operations of your business.
As the world is getting increasingly inclined towards e-commerce, OTP verification is an emerging solution designed to keep your delivery secured, your customers happy and your business thriving.

OTP Verification – How does it work?

Sharing an OTP, uniquely generated at the time of delivery, can verify that the package reaches the right person. This is what the delivery of your product can look like by integrating this additional layer of safety:
1. Your customer will be notified when an order is out for delivery.
2. On reaching the address, the delivery partner will generate an OTP.
3. Your customer will receive the OTP on their registered mobile number.
4. The customer will then be requested to only share it with the delivery partner.
5. Once the delivery partner verifies the OTP, the package will be safely handed over to your customer.

Protecting your freight for seamless logistics

In logistics, one of the primary benefits of generating an OTP is its ability to promise a secured delivery by preventing unauthorised access.
Availing logistics solution from players that offer this OTP verification can help increase operational efficiency by accurately identifying the designated customer for a particular order.

Boosting Customer Confidence

By taking an extra step towards security with OTPs, you can make sure that both your goods and customers are safe. The verification process helps your customers feel more confident about their packages – how they are handled and delivered to the intended person.
By enabling OTP verification at delivery, Amazon Shipping India provides an extra layer of assurance for you and your customers. Whether you're a large retailer shipping 200+ parcels per day or a small e-commerce seller, we can offer fast and reliable parcel delivery for your customers. Simply select your business size below to get started.



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